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Local - GrassFed - Pasture Raised - All Natural

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Welcome to the farm.

At Fort Creek Farm,

Our grass fed Hereford cattle are raised on fresh nutritious grass on our family farm, without supplemental feeding of grain, hormones or routine antibiotics. Grass finished beef is low in fat, calories, LDL cholesterol, and E. coli risk. It is high in omega-3 fatty acids, CLA, beta-carotene, and vitamins A and E.

In addition to healthy beef, we raise hormone and anti-biotic free chicken and goat meat as well as fresh eggs. All of our meats and eggs are sold in meal sized packages and are available for purchase today.

Prices and availablity are seasonal and subject to change. Check our seasonal price list to see what we are selling at local farmers markets or contact us by email for further information about whole, half and split half orders.


Bob & Susan Woodall - Owners
(706) 444-5464

Jordan Green -Farm Manager
(770) 809-4628 


1664 Rives Rd
Sparta, GA 31087

15 Clarendon Ave.
Avondale Estates, GA 30002

Old Time cattle + Modern Ideas 

Susan's great-grandfather began raising cattle here in the 1840's and our herd dates at least to the 1940's when her daddy began managing his personal herd of Hereford cattle, a breed originally imported from England in 1817 by the statesman Henry Clay. Over the years Susan's daddy resisted market pressures to breed ever larger cattle, staying true to his original small frame stock. Why is this important? We believe the "old time" genetics in our cattle is one reason they perform so well on grass and provide such superior taste.

When we inherited the herd in the late 1990's we realized that we had something very special that should be shared with people who care about eating healthy food. So in 2000 we decided to leave our city life and devote our full time to our twin passions of historic preservation and raising health giving foods. With Bob's Ph.D. and career experience in Environmental Science and Susan's B.S. in Animal Behavior it just seemed like the NATURAL thing to do.

During school breaks you will find our granddaughters here running the pastured egg business, taking care of baby goats, or bottle feeding a baby calf. We are having a great time doing what we love with people we love. We hope we can share the experience with you.




juicy, plump and mouth watering.

You can purchase whole birds as well as meal-sized packages of breast, thighs, drums, leg quarters, and wings.  We also have bones, feet, livers and hearts for making superb broth and soup. If you are looking for delicious, healthy, and truly locally produced poultry, our chicken is ready for your plate

Small Batches + Healthy Birds

Our birds are raised in small batches of 200 or less with their health as top priority. We provide lots of space, fresh water, ample warmth and sunlight from day one. As soon as the birds are feathered they are rotated on pasture where they forage for insects and worms while grazing on grasses and seeds. We feed our broilers non-medicated grains at their free will and no hormones or antibiotics are added to the feed or water.




Free Range, No Hormones OR Antibiotics

Our layers are of mixed breeds and they are totally free range. The hens spend their days out and about in the yard and pastures where they forage for insects and worms. They eat lots of green grass all year long and they are allowed to live naturally. A chicken with a diet of grass and insects supplemented with grains leads to healthy and nutritionally balanced eggs. The hens are never subjected to extra lighting to extend the laying season and they are allowed to molt in a natural fashion. 

Because of our nature based production system our layers produce eggs seasonally. Contact us through email or by phone for availability.

Farm History & Stewardship

Our farm was settled on the banks of Fort Creek in what is now Hancock County, Georgia about 1785 and has been in our family since 1840. The farm, with its impressive collection of eighteenth and nineteenth century buildings has been described by The National Register of Historic Places as "one of the most intact, antebellum, self-sufficient farm complexes existing in Georgia today." 

Your Purchase of Fort Creek meat and eggs helps us to preserve the architecture of this 18th and 19th century farm.