Special Beef for Special People.

Small Scale + Premium Product

Our small family farm is not a mass production commodity business. We produce a premium product with special qualities.

Our goal is to protect and enhance our land as well as the historic resources of our farm while providing a healthy environment for our livestock, family, friends, and customers.

Above all, we want to provide you a delicious healthful product that will offer a satisfying and memorable eating experience.

Custom Orders - Our GrassFed Beef in Your Freezer

Our beef is sold by the split half (equivalent to a quarter beef but both fore quarter and hind quarter cuts are included), half or whole beef, for delivery in summer and early fall. The exact time depends on rainfall and grass growth. While the average American eats 60-70 pounds of beef a year, we have found that a family of four easily consumes a quarter beef in a year. Our special packaging maintains your meat's freshness for several years in your freezer.

Quality, custom style packaging

The beef is dry aged for two weeks to enhance flavor and tenderness. Cuts are labeled as to weight and name of cut. After careful vacuum sealing in heavy plastic packets suitable for your family size, the meat is frozen and then stored below O degrees F.

All orders contain steaks, roasts, stew meat and about 50% ground beef. You may also want soup bones, liver and other variety meats. If you like liver, you will probably find this to be the best you have ever eaten. We also have dog bones for sale!


Happy Cows, Healthy Pastures

All Natural production 

Our Hereford cattle are raised in clean air and sunshine and fed on fresh pasture; there is no need for antibiotics to maintain their health or for hormones to spur weight gain. They are never kept in feed lot type conditions. We treat our cattle gently and lead them to fresh pasture every one or two days. This "rotational grazing" is natural and beneficial for the animals while it also stimulates grass growth and assists us in controlling insects.

Success through care for the land

At Fort Creek Farm we manage the enivronment as carefully as we manage our cows. We are continuously improving our pastures in ways that enhance wildlife habitat, protect air quality, and improve the water quality of our streams.

In recognition of the numerous conservation practices we employ, we have been honored with the Private Lands Stewardship Award for the state of Georgia, Cattle Producer of the Year and Soil Stewardship awards of our Cattlemen's Association and our county's Conservationist of the Year Award.

Our customers tell us that they especially like knowing the farmer who produces their beef and the farm from which it comes. All beef purchased from us is traceable back to the brood cows and bull. Your ground beef is never co-mingled with beef from other cows!

Why Grass Fed & Finished Beef?

Health Benefits 

Grassfed beef is naturally high in omega 3 fatty acids and low in omega 6 fatty acids. This ratio of 3 to 6 is said to be beneficial to your cardiovascular system. Grassfed beef is naturally high in another "good" fatty acid, conjugated linaleic acid, or CLA. Unlike omega 3 which is high in many grassfed products like pork and eggs, CLA is only produced by ruminants. CLA is thought to fight certain cancers and help create lean muscle mass in the body.

Flavor & Texture

Flavor may be the best reason to buy our beef. Our cows are handled gently - always led, never driven. Electric cattle prods are NEVER used on our farm and every effort is made to avoid any handling methods that elevate adrenalin when cattle are taken to slaughter. 

All of these management techniques are employed to prevent "off tastes" in the meat as well as providing a humane environment for the cattle.

Unlike commodity cattle which are processed at 12-18 months of age our beeves are approximately 24-30 months old at processing. While this adds considerable expense for us, it produces a much more flavorful product. We believe that our "old time, grass thriving blood line" and our special handling contributes to the superior taste of our beef.

Once you try Fort Creek beef we believe you will join our loyal customers who prefer the healthier, beefier taste!